How Will I Bring Quality to My Day?

We may go on auto-pilot during our day. Let’s instead be intentional in bringing quality to it.

We care for and about so much during our day. We take care of our relationships, our work, our responsibilities, our tasks. We may look at our day’s schedule as the driving force behind all of our caregiving. We can feel like the next when — the next item on the calendar — drives our day.

What if we look at our day as being about when and how? What if we also added a commitment to quality during our day? Meaning, how do we remain patient during tasks which make us crazy? How do we want to represent what we need during a meeting or an appointment? How do we want to determine what makes our calendar? How do we want to add time for down time in our schedule? How do we ensure we spend more time on our priorities?

To ensure we focus on the quality of our day, let’s begin every day this week with the question, “How will I bring quality to my day?”

With this question, we’re reminded of the importance of humor, love, purpose, and meaningful moments. Our question prompts us to measure the quality of our interactions and activities to ensure they do bring meaning into our life.

Let’s live a quality life. This week, our question that begins our day helps us create just that life.

What brings quality to your life?

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