Set Your Intention for Your Week

Our Sunday question sets the stage for receiving better days.

Welcome to The Sunday Question! Every Sunday morning, I’ll send you a question to set a daily intention. For the past ten years, I’ve been using questions to help me cope with difficult challenges and to manage my stress. For instance, I just worked through an overwhelming situation by asking myself this question, “In what wonderful, marvelous, lucrative way will this work out for me?” I just put the situation in my past because it did work out in a wonderful, marvelous, lucrative way.

I’d love good company in using good questions to create better days for ourselves. Please share your thoughts and experiences to each of the Sunday questions I pose.

I learned the technique of asking myself good questions through my life coach training completed in 2004 and through Elizabeth Lombardo, the author of A Happy You, Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness.

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